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Test your Emotional Intelligence how you respond to stress and emotional triggers. 

Emotional Intelligence is required in situations where emotions are intense. Whether it's excitement or stress, both extremes demand emotional intelligence in order to be handled wisely. 

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Emotionally un-intelligent people will react with so called pushbutton reactions in their individual patterns, while emotionally intelligent people will act according to their goals and values. 

Emotional Intelligence is often described as the evolutionary stage of the soul as it reflects your ability to handle life successfully. ​

Emotional Intelligence test success

Areas you have learned to handle wisely indicate a high level of emotional intelligence, while areas which trigger stress in any form show a low EQ. 

Emotional intelligence can be tested as a total value but we rather break it into the 7  areas of life to achieve much more accurate results. This separation will also help you improve specific areas of life with much more accuracy and in a much shorter time. 

Many people try to overcomplicate psychology and test your intelligence to score high in a quiz but leave all personal feelings and emotional questions out of the equation. Emotional Intelligence EQ is not complicated at all. It shows how you handle life in all 7 areas and how successful you are in each of them. 

Test your emotional intelligence in all 7 areas of life

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  • Leadership & Social status, self worth, self respect, fame and recognition
  • Education, learning, passion, traveling, curiosity, degrees, diplomas, titles and expertise in any subject.
    • Financial Wealth, wisdom on how to acquire wealth and how to grow and maintain it
        • Life Purpose, motivation to live, spiritual development, knowledge of why you are here and who you really are. 
          • Health & wellness, self motivation, discipline, self awareness, sports, sex, addictions
            • Relationship with colleagues, clients, employers, friends and family as well as love partners. (soul mates)
            • Work & Career, ability to organise your work, life and time, productivity, ability to earn more while working less

      After you have signed up to the FREE Emotional Intelligence training you will receive exclusive access to videos on how to empower each of the 7 areas of life that may need support. 

      Emotional Intelligence can be learned by everybody extremely fast. Already after a couple of days in training you will experience dramatic changes. When you have grasped the basic concept you can not stop evolving.

      Emotional intelligence is not a training on how to behave or what to do but rather a philosophy which helps you to analyze every situation and to respond emotionally wise.

      Start with this FREE Emotional intelligence test online before you jump into the FREE training. ​

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