by Marcus Freudenmann 0 Lessons in $1,494.00 $799.00


    You can achieve everything when you stop dreaming and start acting with a sound and detailed plan that leaves out all your emotional blocks and rather gets on with the job. To do that you will learn in our ELITE program a step by step process which details every step of the path with as much accuracy and detail that you are not surprised by things you were just not aware off.

  • EQ-Life Purpose

    by Marcus Freudenmann 2 Lessons in $249.00 $149.00


    Adding a purpose to any project gives it life and the energy to achieve unlimited results. A purpose is the fuel of life which keeps you going when everybody else fails and gives up. It’s the motivation you need to overcome your old programming that always drags you back to what you already have.

  • EQ - Passion & Learning

    by Marcus Freudenmann 0 Lessons in $249.00 $149.00


    Research and passion have nothing to do with “learning by heart” and repeating pre-selected answers like sheeple do. To the contrary! It’s exciting and invigorating to be curious about a project you love. This part of the course allows you to break rules, dream up ideas no one else had before you and gives you the possibility to dream big.

  • EQ - Work & Career

    by Marcus Freudenmann 0 Lessons in $249.00 $149.00

    Working with emotional intelligence

    Adding structure and detail to a plan so that it can become reality is a gift many have never learned. It requires a clear vision which is not blown out of proportion by fantasies and not blocked by fears. Either of the 2 extremes requires equilibration which we learn in this class to the finest degree. You will learn how to structure so that your work involvement is least and the outcome biggest.

  • EQ-Leadership

    by Marcus Freudenmann 0 Lessons in $249.00 $149.00


    Everybody admires leaders and people who are brave enough to stand out from the crowd. This chapter of the training will teach you exactly that. You will learn how to be proud of yourself and how to present your idea in a way your audience will love. We learn how to create reciprocity, demand and admiration for what you have managed to bring to those in need.

  • EQ-Relationship

    by Marcus Freudenmann 13 Lessons in $249.00 $149.00

    EQ Academy emotional intelligence in Relationships

    Asking your friends and family to support your dreams requires some finesse and a lot of emotional intelligence. Especially if your dream requires them to change their beliefs. If you want your clients and friends to support your plan then it’s imperative for you to offer a fair exchange and over deliver on your promises. This part of the training will help you to do just that.
    Learn in this EQ relationship course how to turn them all towards the latter.

  • EQ - Discipline & Hearth

    by Marcus Freudenmann 0 Lessons in $249.00 $149.00


    Falling back into your old YOU and giving up is not an option when you learn how to motivate yourself with passion and purpose. It’s the most powerful tool that all world leaders have as a unique gift. In this chapter you will learn how to keep you focussed and on target and how to achieve maximum energy to support your dream.

  • EQ - Financial Wealth

    by Marcus Freudenmann 0 Lessons in $249.00 $149.00


    Turning an idea into profits of any kind, leads to the satisfaction you need to keep going. Even charity organisations need money in order to do good. So don’t kid yourself that you do not need or deserve that. This chapter of the training will help you turn your idea into liquid gold and monetise it in the best possible way. To do that we delete all your poverty programs and replace them with a high value in being rich and feeling worthy to be so.