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EQ - Emotional Intelligence in Relationships is the solution for all your relationship problems with 

parents, kids, spouse, clients, employers, colleagues and friends

You can not escape relationship. You have it with either yourself or with clients, colleagues and employers or with your partners, family and friends. Dependent on how you've been trained and what weird and wonderful believes you hold, these relationships can be super traumatic, exhausting and stressful ... or wonderful, supportive and fulfilling. 

Most people think relationship a matter of luck ... or bad luck if it doesn't work out!   But is it really just luck or can emotional intelligence in relationships be learned!

Based on your experiences and what your environment has programmed into your beliefs you may have problems to trust, you expect the worst, you fear to get hurt or have such unrealistic expectations that each partner inevitably has to turn out a failure. 

You may have never learned to communicate your desires and values  and then get frustrated if your partner does not guess them right. You may have too much sex or not enough, Whatever your relationship problems are, they have taken you to the right place. 

Here are some highlights:

Rules and regulations

Relationships have rules and underly universal laws. If you follow them and use them to your advantage you will be able to turn even an enemy into a friend. 

These rules are valid for your loving partners and family but also for your clients and work colleagues. 

Who is in charge?

Many relationships are not well balanced which makes it very stressful for the "underdog" as they feel non stop challenged. This can lead to difficulties which can easily be mended. 

As the underdog all you have to do is to become conscious of your values and empower at least 3 areas of life. This is simple, fast and super effective because it's in your partners interest anyway to get you there. With some simple tricks you can even get their full support to grow to the same empowered state. 

Like attracts like!

All your thoughts, self talk, beliefs and judgments are vibrational energies which can be compared with sound frequencies. These frequencies make a MUSIC which you play all day long in varying volumes and intensities (emotional states) into the world.  Everybody can hear this music subconsciously and either feels attracted or repelled.

Some like classic music, some enjoy opera while others thrive on hard rock or howlers and screamers because it fits to their own vibrational energy. 

To change your music is very simple once you become conscious of the tunes and the volume you play. From that point on it's just a matter selecting the right instruments(thoughts and beliefs) and to learn how to play them well. 

Andy MarlotPsychology Student New York USA

Once I became aware of my destructive self talk and the obvious music that attracted bullies into my life and people who dragged me down I cleaned up my life, associated with new friends and started to empower my life with passion. The change happened in a matter of 4 weeks. I am eternally grateful for this training as it has given me a chance to enjoy life. 

Opposites attract each other

Have you ever considered that when you are extreme your partner has to keep balance just in the opposite direction?  Like 2 magnets of the same polarity repeal each other so do the opposites connect with high intensity. 

Dogmatic / Liberalistic

Stressed / Relaxed

Stingy / Generous

Passionate / Dispassionate

Too much sex / Not enough sex

No purpose / Too much purpose

Talks too much / Talks not enough

No self love / Too much self love

Demanding / Serving

Caring / Not caring

Self Confident / Self Minimised

Organised / Disorganised

    There are 15 lessons in this course and all of them open your understanding to a world of love, compassion and empowerment. Great relationships are not luck, but your birthright. 

There is nothing but love. All else is illusion!

emotional intelligence leadership self esteem

Once you realise that all emotional intelligence in relationship is purely designed to help you grow and to motivate you to evolve you have no reason to be angry and resentful but can embrace the challenger as a loving soul that wants you to grow. 

To increase your emotional intelligence we have to transform many of the programmed memories of self-worth in your subconscious mind. This is done by using the same principles as in marketing. Reciprocity, time and quantity restrictions, value clarification and other powerful tools, that do not only work for products and services but for people as well. 

John DoeEntrepreneur and Internet Marketer

​To be honest I expected this to be a very complex subject, but it turned out to be so clear and simple that I can still not understand why I did not see the logic before.

Relationships were never easy for me. Growing up with mistrust, lies and many fights between my parents I learned to love to be on my own. Partners were not to be trusted until I signed up for this EQ training. This is the most wonderful program I have come across and believe me I have seen many. It's simple and to the point. You will learn just in the basics (first chapter) so much that your relationships transform on their own.  The best is that you do not need to change anyone else but yourself to achieve stunning results. 

Of all the programs I believe this to be the one that should be taught to everyone. it should be mandatory for every living being because it has the power to turn misunderstanding, enmity and suffering into love.   ​

Daphne SilverJohannesburg South Africa

Boy I was troubled in this field.  I did not speak to my parents due to resentments, had an eternal fight with my sister, friends never remained friends and my 3rd spouse ran before we even got married. All in all I was lonely and desperate for change. 

When I was told to check out the EQ academy I was intrigued by the simplicity in which Marcus analysed relationships. There was no room for emotional disaster but simple logic and common sense. So I decided to embark on a transformation which has changed not only my relationships but my whole life. This training has proven to be 10 times more effective than advertised. It is practical, very deep and offers a lot of wisdom which feels right deep in my heart. I am now 3 years in a relationship and it keeps getting better and better. Thank you Marcus for providing such an amazing program to people like me. 

Marcus FreudenmannDirector and founder of the EQ academy

When I first understood the implications of emotional intelligence I sat in tears of gratitude and wonder. It is the single most effective psychological tool that can change a life in matters of minutes. EQ should be taught in schools and universities to young and old to empower everyone.  

But because I could not find any schools I decided to create this academy on my own. After 5 years of teaching EQ to thousands of people around the world I am happy to offer this service to you. Success is not by chance. It is a very scientific response of the universe to how you feel about yourself. 

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